定制梦寐跑车Customise Your Dream Car

2012年,法拉利推出个性化定制服务,本来只在意大利里马拉内罗总部才有这项尊贵服务,后来也在中国上海推出,不过多数客户还是比较喜欢到意大利总部定制爱车。根据2015年的数据,法拉利生产的7000多台跑车里,约100辆车是量身定制的。Ferrari first launched the prestigious personalisation programme at its headquarters in Maranello, Italy, in 2012, then later in Shanghai, China. Figures from 2015 show that, of the more than 7,000 units that Ferrari produces each year.


在马拉内罗,法拉利设计师全程陪同,为客户提供协助,打造他们梦寐以求的定制款法拉利。客户在定制过程中拥有极其广泛多样的选择空间,可以挑选自己喜爱的内饰面料,无论是经典奢华的材质如羊绒类,时下流行的牛仔布,或是高科技、创新型碳纤维材料等,均可任意选择。At Maranello, a personal designer is on hand every step of the way to guide clients through a wide range of options to create the Ferrari of their dreams. For the seat upholstery, for instance, they can pick from luxurious cashmere, fashionable denim.


客户可从法拉利的三大系列——Scuderia、Classica和Inedita,获得设计灵感。Scuderia的设计元素源于法拉利辉煌的赛车史,提供各种衍生自赛车的材料、外饰和车身涂装;Classica系列为马拉内罗经典GT跑车的设计风格和特色;Inedita意思是“全新”,在造型、颜色和材料等方面皆具实验性和创新元素。The Tailor Made service offers three collections: Classica takes styling cues from iconic GTs with a modern twist, Scuderia pays tribute to Ferrari’s racing history and features track-inspired materials, finishes and accents.


一旦设计被客户确定,法拉利将输入系统,确保它不会被用在另一台车上。客户也将获得一个USB钥匙,里面有车子的电脑绘图及车厂的介绍影片。车子组装、喷漆、离开生产线后,每名定制客户都能收到这些生产步骤的照片,即时了解爱车的制造进度。Once clients decide on the specifics of their bespoke cars, Ferrari enters all their selections into its system. This ensures that it would not be duplicated. Tailor Made customers also receive photo updates when their prized cars leave the paint shop.


每台出厂的法拉利跑车一定会镶上其著名的跃马商标。该商标源自于第一次世界大战意大利空战英雄Francesco Baracca的座机标志,其母于1923年法拉利赛车获胜时将跃马标志给了法拉利创始人恩佐法拉利使用,后来成为车厂的商标。Every unit that leaves the Ferrari factory is emblazoned with the marque’s famous prancing horse logo. The black stallion was the symbol of Francesco Baracca, a legendary World War I ace of the Italian air force, who painted it on the side of his planes.