量身御制Fit For Royalty

第一次咨询,上海滩的创意顾问会与顾客商讨,决定布料、颜色、裁剪风格等,以及量身。顾客这时可选择喜欢的花朵造型纽扣、缀珠蕾丝、手工锦缎滚边和精雕宝石等。创意顾问接着会提交一个服装设计图。During the first consultation, Shanghai Tang’s Creative Consigliere assesses the client’s needs, after which decisions on the fabric, style and colour of the outfit will be made. Measurements are taken and a sketch of the dress is then drawn up.

第二次咨询,创意顾问再次为顾客量身,并商讨是否还要进一步修改。第一次试穿通常在一个月后,但可能因为设计的复杂性和精致度,而延至两个月后。Measurements are taken again at the second consultation and modifications made if needed. The first fitting is usually scheduled for one to two months after that, depending on the design’s intricacy.

整个量身御制过程由一个资深裁缝师负责,从裁剪图案到准备布料,确保每个细节恰到好处。An expert tailor takes over at this point, cutting the pattern and preparing the fabric. The same tailor takes charge of the entire Imperial Tailoring process to ensure that every last detail of the bespoke outfit is executed to perfection.

裁缝师把不同的设计元素和布料组合成服装。制作过程非常耗费心力,他必须确保各方面达到完美标准。The expert tailor works carefully to incorporate the various design elements into the desired outfit. This is a painstaking process that takes time and dedication.

裁缝师对完成的服装做最后调整,创意顾问也会确保服装符合原来的设计。顾客试穿后,裁缝师会根据情况微调。The expert tailor makes final touches to the outfit. The Creative Consigliere will also check in at this stage to ensure that the outfit is in line with his design and sketch.