无以伦比的暖意Warm Up With Baby Cashmere

小山羊绒比成年山羊绒毛更稀有且更纤细,纤维的平均直径仅为13至13.5微米,每一只小山羊只能生产出净重不多于30克的羊绒纤维。这种绒毛经由一种精细且完全无害的梳理手段收集,每只山羊一生只能在3到12个月大之间被采集一次。 The under-fleece of Hircus goat kids is obtained through a combing process in spring. The painless procedure is done only once in a goat’s life, when it is between three and 12 months old. One kid produces only 30 to 40g of fibre.


采集到的羊毛首先要清除杂疵,为纺纱做好准备。经验丰富的员工通过精细梳子和显微镜找出有瑕疵的羊毛,并用镊子把它们去除。Each lot is meticulously inspected by experienced technicians with a fine-tooth comb to ensure it meets Loro Piana’s exacting standards before production. Using a microscope, they then carefully remove all impurities in the Baby Cashmere.


接着,羊毛会送到有细齿的滚筒机器进行梳理,令绒毛密度达到完美比例。这一层绒毛接着会被分成羊毛线。Rollers with small teeth delicately brush the strands of fibre, creating perfect density of the material. The fine mattress of fibre is then separated into single slivers.


在纺纱过程,羊毛线经过高速拉扯,转变成纱布。纱布接下来经过卷绕过程,去除不规则的地方。During the spinning process, the slivers are run through machines at very high speeds to turn them into yarn. Spinning is followed by winding, which removes any thicker areas of yarn.


造出毛衣的不同设计和图案。针织后,员工会用透明的按压工具仔细检查毛衣的每一个部位,确保完美无瑕。 The yarn is then loaded onto mechanical looms to produce different types of stitches. Once knitted, each part of the sweater is meticulously inspected and every seam is checked.




毛衣的前后和袖子接着会通过机器进行缝纫连接,领口的接缝则由手工制作,最后把Loro Piana的标签缝上去。The front, back and sleeves are then joined together by a linking machine. An operator uses a special machine to sew different sections. The neckline is finished by hand, as are the seams, and finally the Loro Piana label.


这时的毛衣会送洗、甩干,然后摆放在特制灯台上,让员工检查是否有不合格缝纫。接着,会检查毛衣形状和尺寸大小,再进行蒸汽熨烫。最后,员工会手工烫衣,除去任何皱纹。At this point, the sweater is carefully washed, spun and dried and then inspected on a special light table that highlights any irregular stitches. After the shape, size and proportions are checked, it is steamed and pressed, then ironed once more by hand.


完成的小山羊绒针织毛衣会再被检查一次,折好并加上标签,送到意大利的Borgosesia,准备运往世界各地。For the final inspection, an operator checks the sizes again, gently brushes the sweaters, folds them and applies the hangtags. The garments are now ready to be sent to Borgosesia, where they will be shipped to Loro Piana shops around the world.