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这场在伦敦举行的盛大欧米茄“Lost in Space”主题晚宴展示了1957年至2017年面世,具标志性的60枚经典超霸系列腕表,吸引了众星出席,除了巴兹艾德灵和佐治古尼作为荣誉嘉宾,英国物理学家布莱恩考克斯是大会主持。其他嘉宾包括美国女演员丽芙泰勒、英国歌手艾丽高登、星级厨师Marcus Wareing、意大利游泳选手菲利波马格尼尼、日本男演员三浦翔平,以及中国女演员刘诗诗等。

Buzz Aldrin might not have been the first man to step foot on the moon. But the American astronaut accomplished a feat all the same: He was the first to walk on the moon while wearing a watch, the Omega Speedmaster. Mission commander Neil Armstrong had left his in the spacecraft when he made history in 1969.

So it was only fitting that Aldrin graced Omega’s Lost In Space gala event in April to mark the 60th anniversary of the iconic watch. Now 87, he appeared at London’s Tate Modern museum in a replica of his Apollo 11 spacesuit to raucous applause from the star-studded crowd. Celebrity guests included actress Liv Tyler, singer Ellie Goulding and actor George Clooney, who took centrestage with Aldrin. 
Recounting the historic space mission, Aldrin said: “We weren’t scared. We were proud to have been able to represent everyone and to have the skills and the knowledge to carry out something that was very meaningful to us as astronauts, of course, but also to so many other people.”
Clooney, 56, an ardent fan of both the Speedmaster and space exploration, paid a personal tribute to Aldrin: “What you did mattered to all of us and I can’t thank you enough for your courage, your leadership and everything you’ve done.”

The actor counts the Speedmaster and the Apollo missions among his most treasured childhood memories. “Speedmasters were a big part of my growing up. My uncle and my father, we all had them because it was such a big part of the moon landing,” he said at the gala, revealing that his father gave him the chronograph as a graduation gift. “There’s every reason to love them because they’re elegant watches. But I also love them because of the history.”
Developed in 1957 as a timepiece for racing and other sporting pursuits that demanded precise timing of an event, the Speedmaster soon caught the attention of NASA. The original model was the first watch to have its tachymeter scale on the bezel. In 1965, the Speedmaster was officially tested and approved by NASA for all manned space missions. 
The man in charge of that process, ex-engineer James Ragan, told guests at the Omega bash: “Of all the watches we tested in 1965, the Speedmaster was the only one that passed all the tests. The others got eliminated in the very first test. So it has a very good reputation with NASA and even today is still used in space. That says a lot about the watch.”

The Speedmaster, nicknamed “Moonwatch” thanks to Aldrin, is a popular choice among pilots, explorers, athletes as well as watch aficionados.
Raynald Aeschlimann, Omega’s president and chief executive, said at the London event, which showcased 60 key Speedmaster models from the last 60 years: “The Speedmaster is one of the most, if not the most, iconic chronographs in the world. Not only for Omega, but for the many men and women who have worn and trusted it. Even after 60 years, its power and charisma have not diminished.”